'Creative Conversations' — A Podcast by Darren Forde

‘Creative Conversations’ is a new podcast based around a series of conversations with creative people or people who are involved in the creative industry in some way. This does not necessarily mean they are the artists or creators themselves but may be involved in volunteering or supporting creativity in some way. There will be a total of 24 episodes recorded between May and October 2018.

It will be limited to and focus on the work of people from County Cork. The conversations will revolve around their work, their inspirations, challenges and successes. It will explore their processes, motivations, how they started out, their future plans and why they do what they do. The podcast will include guests from all the artistic genres, visual arts, performing arts and literary arts.

Intended guests include:
- people who work to conserve and promote our cultural heritage by preserving the methods and techniques of traditional arts and crafts
contribute to the cultural diversity of Ireland through their creative work
- have important and culturally valuable collections of work and are working to preserve them
- are using new methods and technologies to create artistic work
- are making a living from their creativity
- encourage community well-being and engagement in creativity through creative work (voluntarily or otherwise)
- grantees of the Creative Ireland programme.

The aim of the podcast is three-fold:
To Inspire and Encourage— As a creative professional myself I am passionate about creativity and what drives creative people to do what they do. I believe that by talking to other creatives and exploring their personalities and their work and making these conversations available via a podcast or video, we can inspire other people to follow any creative passions they may harbour in themselves. I want people to learn from and be inspired by the challenges and successes of other artists and those who work to support people in the creative field.

To give a platform to artists and creators— It is difficult to make a living from your creativity. There are so many people out there creating amazing things who receive little or no publicity or help in telling their story or publicising their work. I want this podcast to provide a platform for emerging and established artists to share the stories behind the creative work that they do. I believe that sharing the story behind their work adds value to it (both culturally and fiscally) and will help them succeed and perhaps encourage others in the future. I will not limit the podcast to those who make a living from their creativity. I believe that the work of volunteers and those who support the creative network is just as valuable and deserves the same platform for their story to be shared.

To create and preserve a record of the people behind the work and to make that freely available to the people of Cork and the Diaspora— It is one thing to record the stories behind the work of creative people but in the spirit of the aim of this podcast series, it is just as important to make these stories available freely for the widest possible audience. To this end, the audio recordings will be made available on all free podcast platforms and the video recordings will be made available on Youtube. The audio and video will be shareable and accessible worldwide, providing an insight in to the work of creative Irish people for the diaspora.

The Audience
The intended audience is anyone with an interest in Irish creativity or Irish creative people. I am particularly interested in connecting the work of older generations to a new younger audience through the medium of podcasting and lowering the barriers for the diaspora to access and learn about the creative work of Irish people back home. I will also explore how art and creativity can bring communities together and help people with disabilities or disadvantages in their lives. The episodes will range in length from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours but will mostly come in around 1 hour in length.

About Me
I am a photographer with a background in Graphic Design. I also make videos about my work from time to time. I have been working as a creative for 20 years and as my interests are wide and varied, I want to broaden my knowledge and experience all the time. I see this podcast as a personal project that will help me meet new and interesting creative people and enable me to help them by providing the opportunity to share their stories with the world.

Season 1

Episode 1 — Pilot

This is the pilot episode of 'Creative Conversations' recorded as a proof of concept and to iron out any bugs in the format or technology. It took a couple of takes to be fair and I am more than grateful to my guest Paul Finn for his patience and encouragement while I tried to find the best set up with the gear I had. Paul is an actor in amateur dramas and musicals with Mitchelstown Musical Society and Fermoy Drama Society and in this interview he offers a great insight in to the behind the scenes of the amateur drama scene in Ireland. He talks about how he started out, how he prepares for a role and offers some great advise for anyone thinking of getting involved in amateur dram or musicals.

I hope you enjoy it and do let me know if you have any suggestions on how to improve the show or indeed if you would like to suggest any guests. Send me an email via the contact for on this website. I look forward to hearing from you and please do subscribe for more great conversations.


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